ESN Madrid is made up of 6 main universities in the region.

We currently hold, just in Madrid region, more than 10,000 international students with ages between 21 and 25 and a great interest in mobility, accommodation, health, leisure, culture and local gastronomy.

Two simple steps:

1. Visit the closest ESN section website from your Erasmus university.

2. Get your ESNcard (Find your ESN office hours on their site or send an email/ask on social metworks).

That’s it! Enjoy hundreds of activities, trips, discounts and much more for incoming students.

Erasmus outside of Madrid? Check all sections in Spain

The ESNcard is a proof of ESN membership.

You can access all events celebrated in Madrid, night clubs with discounts and go on trips that ESN Spain organizes.

Additionally, you also have special discounts with our partners (Ryanair, DHL, Spotahome…)

Great! We would love to join forces with you in bringing Erasmus great stuff. Please click the button below if you’re interested in exploring collaboration opportunities.